Urban Decay’s Naked palette is a favorite among beauty gurus and everyday makeup lovers alike—and for good reason. It has a wide variety of beautiful neutral colors to choose from that make it easy to create daytime eye shadow looks or perfect smoky eyes for a night out on the town.

The one downside? It costs more than Rs5500 far out of the everyday girl’s price range for a few eye shadows and a brush.

Luckily—there’s an alternative that costs only Rs995 which is a great deal for twelve eye shadows that are nearly perfect dupes for the Urban Decay Naked palette. Here is a picture of the Urban Decay palette that has sold out of makeup stores around the world (above) and the W7 In the Buff palette (below):

They both have twelve shadows, which correspond pretty much perfectly to one another. Not only is the packaging very similar, they both come with double-ended brushes. While some of the shades do look slightly different in the lighting in the above picture, when swatched, they are identical, even when it comes to which shades are matte, which are sparkly, and how pigmented they are.

This goes against what most people believe about makeup—that the more expensive it is, the higher quality it is. Many people who have tried both sets find the W7 In the Buff palette to have a smoother consistency and result in less fallout when use. That means the shadows are easier to apply, easier to blend, and you waste far less of the shadow. They also stay on better.

The only real difference between the two sets is in the quality of the packaging. The packaging in the Naked palette comes in is a little bit sturdier than the packaging for the In the Buff palette. This makes the shadows a little more vulnerable if you were ever to drop the case. However, the extremely low price of the In the Buff palette, with the same shadows of comparable quality, makes it a much, much better investment. Here is a picture of each shadow swatched from both palettes:


The top row of shadows is the Urban Decay palette and the bottom row is the In the Buff palette—they’re pretty much identical. Here’s another picture of “Blackheart” from Urban Decay’s palette and “Fashionista” from In the Buff:


There are slight tonal differences, but nothing you’ll actually notice when using the palettes. For a starter palette that won’t break the bank, W7 In the Buff is definitely the best choice.

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